Report: Half of iDevices Are Jailbroken in China

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Innovation Works portfolio company UMeng which helps app developers gathering up app usage statistics released its latest report on iOS usage in China. According to the report, as of late July of this year iPhone 4 commands 84% of all iDevices while iOS 4.3 becomes the dominant version with a drastic increase from 0.5% to 69.3% in 7 months.

Some highlights:

  • iPad2 grows rapidly to 59.8% share in all iPads.
  • iOS 4.3 hits mainstream from 0.5% to 69.3%. New iOS  the mainstream iOS version,increased from 0.5% to 69.3% among 7 months. New iOS update easily outruns older version in a month after launch.
  • With some similarities to Android penetration, Guangdong、Beijing、Shanghai、Zhejiang、Jiangsu remains a stronghold of iDevices, combined commands 50.5% of iOS devices market.
  • 1 out of 8 or 9 people in Beijing owns an iPhone.
  • When it comes to app usage, iPhone users are not that different from Android guys. During weekdays, business, travel, information and news apps are among the top-used categories. While at the weekend game, photo, music, social and lifestyle apps rule.
  • People use biz, travel, news app between 8 – 10 AM, while play games, consume entertainment contents between 5 – 9 PM. iPhones are mainly used during daytime (7 AM – 5 PM), while iPad are more active in the night (6 PM – 11 PM).
  • Jailbroken devices grew from 34.6% to 51.0% during Q2, aided by numerous iPhone 4 that spread over China.
  • 25% of users use an app only once before trashing it.


    Photo Credit: UMeng