TechNode’s partner, Xyologic, an app search company with cutting edge technology that helps users find the best mobile apps recently released over 220 reports, covering 4 platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad and WP7) and 29 countries including China.

The report comes with Top 100 Publishers, Top 150 Most Downloaded Apps, Top 150 Most Downloaded Apps in Categories which giving a comprehensive and valuable information about each local mobile app market. For users who are always looking for good apps, for investors who are seeking good teams to invest, for ads publishers who are interested in most downloaded apps to embed their ads and for research people like us who want to understand more about local market (what’s the hottest categories, which are the leading development companies etc), this report is definitely a very good reference to check every month. Here we are happy to share with you the reports for Android, iPhone and iPad (the data is gathered from 8th Aug to 8th Sept, 2011).

In general, in August 2011, there are 22.14m Android App downloads, 78.29m iPhone app downloads and 31.7m iPad app downloads.

1. Android App Downloads

First of all, we should note that Xyologic’s report only counts Google official app market. Giving the fact its official app market is not available in China (it only offers free apps), there are several other popular independent Android market such as AppChina (Innovation Works’ companies), gFan (angel invested by CyberAgent and recently announced its $5m Series A funding), hiApk, eoeMarket etc. And, big guys like Tencent, 360 etc have its own app stores and Android phone manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung, Lenova etc all runs its own app market too. So figures in this report are most likely not accurate (much less than the actual downloads), but still it can give us the ideas of who are the top players right now.

2. iPhone/iPad App Downloads

Compared with Android report, the figures comes with the iPhone/iPad reports should be much accurate. Although we need mention that 91 Assistant, a iOS app store offering cracked apps is still quite popular in China.

Google’s Android app market only offers free apps, but on Apple’s App Store (China), paid apps are also available. Therefore, it’s interesting to check out which are the most popular paid content, who their publishers are and what types of apps Chinese are more willing to pay etc.

iPhone Apps –

iPad Apps –

3. InApp Purchase

We say that in general Chinese app market is a free market, meaning you can not count on paid apps to generate enough revenue (unless you are a bit of luck). So Advertisement and InApp purchase (for iOS) said to be one of the key approaches for apps publishers.

As for the global apps market, Xyologic also predicts that the number of monthly Google Android apps downloaded will exceed the number of monthly Apple iOS (iPod, iPad and iPhone) apps downloaded by June 2012.

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