Let’s talk about how Jawbone needed China to succeed, but first tell me about your journey.


Our company was founded in 1999 after we graduated from Stanford.

Originally we wanted to be the Dolby for mobile but later when we developed noise canceling technology, we knew we had something there.


Will there be a renaissance of hardware coming out of the valley

I hope there will be more.  Hardware opens up all kinds of new possibilities for software. Just like the recent thermo stat announcement.


Can you talk about your partnerships here?


It would cost us 20x to do this is the U.S., and this is a warning sigh, the U.S. really needs to figure out where to shift to other places for innovation.

Apple’s way is Designed in California and Manufactured in China.

I think the future is going to be Designed in California and “Crafted” in China.

I think there’s a whole new way of innovation that shifts the dynamic.  In China, people will figure out how to make things work.  You give them a plan and they have the resources to figure out the technical challenges.  They are not just basic assembly sites anymore.


What would you say to other Silicon Valley companies


Everyone think China is about cloning, I think being copied here is a form of flattery.  It’s a validation to your business.

Having the culture understand and appreciating the culture is KEY.

Embrace your partner and build a solid relationship and you’ll be okay.


Why do still so many Silicon Valley companies screw up?


Be Patient, absorb it in.  Silicon Valley’s short term flip mentality isn’t healthy.

Follow your long term vision and realize these things take time.

Enjoy the journey not the destination

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    1. If quality is like AppStore software, prefer more another type like planroniks or Nokia. May you have good luck

  1. They make also iPhone software it is

    On Apple store. Called Thinks y Jawbone. Horrible. Why does this person think can give advice to China:. There software made in California and terrible it is. If thermo stat is by best than can sell for 250 US something similar to round honneywell for 10$us.

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