Out of the 500+ companies that submitted their application to techcrunch disrupt, here are the 17 startups that made it on Beijing stage.

Below are links to the list of companies that presented:

  1. http://richi.com – The ultimate loyalty point exchange  platform
  2. http://qiuqiu.so/ – Personalized app recommendation based on your gender, time, location, etc
  3. http://alphaoutlook.com/ – China’s social and internet monitoring for brands
  4. http://anquanbao.com/ – cloud solution for securing the web [FINALIST]
  5. http://Orderwithme.com – wholesale group buying from China [FINALIST]
  6. http://www.8securities.com/en/ – Global online stock trading platform [FINALIST]
  7. http://upcload.com/ – UPcload’s cutting-edge technology will revolutionize online shopping and offer a whole new experience to the purchasers.
  8. http://iyuwan.tv – interactive TV app
  9. http://www.chaopinapp.com – Mobile lookbook based on weibo
  10. www.nextgoal.com/ – social fitness tracking
  11. http://www.unitedstyles.com/ –  design your own fashion [FINALIST]
  12. http://sha.kr – beautiful motion graphics in WebGL and video, made by you and our robots
  13. http://www.cootek.com/ – input software for android and iphone [FINALIST]
  14. www.huohua.co – Find people who share your interests and hobbies nearby.
  15. http://www.moglue.com – interactive e-book building platform – create, play, share [FINALIST]
  16. http://Vida.fm – Capture life videos and photos, has 18 effects, discover life
  17. http://gulu.com – Shout what we want to do and find friends who wants to do it with us.

Details on these companies later…

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