How does language learning plus gaming sound like? Since learning a new language can be an extremely time consuming as well as frustrating experience that hold back numerous people’s dream of opening a new window to understand the world.

Among all languages, Chinese is universally recognized as one of the most difficulty one to master., a Chinese language learning platform combining gaming feature and Chinese learning is trying to make it easy for foreign tongues.

Founded in September of this year, the Melbourne, Australia-based startup carefully devised a series of games that challenge users to match Chinese characters with visual representations, with each progressive level increasing in speed and difficulty.

One of its co-founder said that the company’s novel language approach “mimics the learning process of children; and by combining visual and audio cues, allows anyone from any language background and any age to start rapidly learning and acquiring new vocabulary”.

According to the startup, Mandarin Madness will be offered on iPhone and Android platform soon.