Shenzhen-based LiuDuRenHe(六度人和) Technology Co., Ltd, a business-oriented SaaS provider announced new round of funding from Tencent, signaling Tencent’s desire in stepping into corporate market.

Founded in April 2007, LiuDuRenHe’s online CRM platform EC offers customers with features including online customer services, 400 Hotline, text messaging, fax and instant messaging. What’s more, EC can help companies to track how many customers are coming from which ad source so they can measure the effectiveness of advertising, a feature usually lacking in many online CRM solutions.

According to Zhang Xinliang, CEO of LiuDuRenHe, the two parties would implement comprehensive co-operation strategies in technology and marketing. For starters, EC client will be interconnected with QQ, the most popular IM client in China. That means you can just start an EC client to talk to your customers who might not have EC installed but are very likely to have a QQ account given the sheer amount of QQ users in China. “Tencent’s investment gives us an opportunity to stand on the giant’s shoulder. Next up we will have more communication with our agents with more support in both marketing and product.”

As of now EC has more than 20,000 customers in China.

Tencent already has similar solutions, including enterprise-oriented Instant Messaging service RTX and Corporate QQ.

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