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1. Korean online game company, Nexon is going to list on Tokyo Stock Exchange on 14th December according to Tokyo Stock Exchange’s web page.  It is expected that its market cap will be 600 bn ~ 700 bn Yen approximately after its IPO. Nexon’s IPO is the largest IPO in Japan for this year.

2. The second biggest Korean portal, Daum Communications announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with DeNA which runs a Japanese mobile game platform, Mobage Town on 7th November. Daum Communication said that it would complete the powerful mobile platform consisted of ad-social-local-game network. In the mean time, Mobage Korea will be promoted by Daum Communications’ websites and apps.

3. ‘Shutdown system’ will be implemented in Korea from 20th of this month. In brief, shutdown system is to restrict teenagers not to play online game from midnight to 6 am in order to protect them from online game addiction and healthy growth of teenagers. First of all, it will be effective on PC online games. But its questions remains about is actual effect. It is postponed for mobile games for two years, and there are some exceptions.

4. Korea’s Apple Appstore opened game category on 2nd November. Before this change, Apple didn’t open its game category against game-beforehand-rating system of Korea. Now at most ten days later, gaming apps are dominant in Korea’s Appstore.

Nine of top ten paid apps are game(11 Nov.)

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