UCWeb, the Chinese mobile software vendor which is still in dispute with Tencent over “who’s the number 1 mobile browser in China” has placed its eyes on India market with the setup of its India branch office in New Delhi.

According to Yu Yongfu, CEO of UCWeb, its UCBrowser has more than 30 million users outside of China.

Yu said UCWeb is determined to become the most popular browser in India with over 100 million users before 2015. Currently UCWeb held the second position in India market with a market share of over 20%.

It’s a natural move for UCWeb to enhance its presence in India because mobile phone in some parts of India is the main and sometimes the only tool to access to Internet given the country’s low penetration of PC and Internet.

UCWeb has had more than 500 partners in India including Google India, Nokia、Getjar、ebuddy and nimbuzz.

Prior to the India march, UCWeb has ventured into Russia and Indonesia. The company also announced to go for the U.S. market in this September.

Yu thinks that the China mobile territory is highly competitive now with respects to talents, venture capital. So startups might face lots of pressure and obstacles when trying to compete with each other as well as big-names in the sector. But he sees a big opportunity of going abroad as most of the Chinese giants haven’t ventured that far yet.

Photo Credit: Sina Tech

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