Lei Jun, the investor of Miliao (Kik+Talkbox-like service) was wearing Miliao t-shirt everyday (before he announced its Xiaomi phone). He should be proud of Miliao which was the No.1 downloaded social app beating QQ iOS client for several days.  But, never ever underestimate the power of Tencent. Once it gets more serious and spend more effort, things may get changed easily.

According to an insider we recently talked to, Weixin, Tencent’s Kik+Talkbox has now the user base close to 20 Millions (Miliao said it had 7 millions users; Talkbox claimed 6 millions). I can not get the second resource to double prove the figure, even Pony Ma refused to give the exact number in the interview with us at TechCrunch. But, recently I got a few invitations from a few friends who are not working in the Internet market at all, well… it really gives me the sign that Tencent is winning this market, again!

We reported that Sina Weibo, the No.1 microblogging service has now 250 millions users. Yesterday, Tencent’s official said in its quarterly financial meeting, QQ Weibo has now 310 millions registered users and 50 millions active users. So will Sina Weibo beat QQ Weibo forever, it’s a Maybe as far as we can see now, but never say it’s a Must.

Tencent, is it really unstoppable?

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  1. Weixin, Tencent Weibo… I know I have said it before, but this is the year that Tencent is becoming “cool” again.

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