Jiepang, one of the most popular LBS service in China which has been actively partnering with many most-recognized brands in China announced a new chapter in its partnership with Starbucks for the Christmas campaign.

The Chinese LBS service will allow its users to check into the more than 200 Starbucks spread over Shanghai, Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province so they can get virtue badges and once the badges accumulated to 20,000 in total, every user would be entitled to a free size upgrade upon any purchase during 17th November ~ 25th November in these Starbuck shops.

Except for regular check-in over Wi-Fi or 2G/3G network, Jiepang which is always exploring the territory of location based service by ways of adopting and fostering new technologies such as NFC would also place NFC-enabled Christmas postcards in those shops. Customers with NFC-ready phone can tap the postcard to check into Jiepang, no need to connect to the network then launch the app and then check in. NFC would save all the hassles for you.

The point of using NFC check-in, according to David Liu, Jiepang co-founder and CEO, is that “it’s more accurate and thus can bring out much more targeted marketing solutions for our branding partner.”

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