If you are super addicted to Internet (just like me), you may hate traveling with the flights. The feeling is like you gonna be disconnected from the world for hours (sometime it’s good excuse, though). Now things might get changed, at least for the first time in China (I know there are a few international airlines which have been doing that for a while), Air China will offer In-flight WiFi starting from this week. The first flight with In-flight WiFi service, flight CA1405/1407, will take off from Beijing to Chengdu.

According to Sina, Air China has developed a so-called e-Chat service so that the travelers can chat with others, and you can even see the seat no. and pick up the right person you want to connect with. Sounds like a good market for speed dating, uhm… 😉 You will never feel alone when you are in the air!

It looks like there is lots to do with the WiFi. But hold on, the In-flight WiFi is not connected to the Internet yet, meaning the whole group of travelers are now connected but it’s still isolated from the ground. Air China says that the technical issue with WiFi connecting with Internet has been more or less solved, the question left now is just when. If that happens and if it’s free or not expensive, sure it will create a new market for mobile web.

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  1. I am looking forward to that day.And now ,Android mobile phone can make me use Wi-Fi  to surf the internet.So I think ,In the near future,Wi-Fi should be used free all over the world.

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