Sohu Unifies User Accounts across 6 Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: SOHU) announced lately that the user accounts for six of its interactive products will be unified as of December 1 of this year, including My Sohu(, Sohu Microblog(, Sohu Video (, Sohu Blog(, Sohu Pinglun (a news comments aggregator that aggregates all the hot comments on Sohu News,, and Sohu’s forums( For registered users of any of these products, they can switch between all these six services with one single account, stripping away the need of registering separately on those products.

For those who register with these products with only one  account but have different screen names, they need to set up one single screen name for all these products. Sohu will adapt the “first login first serve” rule. Starting December 1, Sohu users will be able to pick their screen name until January 31, 2012.

In addition, users who haven’t logged in within 6 months, need to log in before December 15, so as to make their usernames automatically put on hold. Otherwise, their accounts will be removed as of December 15 and made available to other users.

The accounts consolidation move will make it more user-friendly for users with respects to account management and identification, which could enhance the user experience of Sohu products. By the way, you can really see how messy is Sohu’s internet products strategy.