[This post is written by our guest editor Minman Gu who is the Investment Analyst from Shanda Innovations.]

StartupWeekend entered into Shanghai this year and held the event first in July. Last night it hosted its second run in Shanghai, with an impressive mentor team and 16 projects.

Here are the four winning ideas:

Winner #1: Yes Or No(YON)

Yes Or No (YON) is a mobile application enables people to vote for a picture with simple attitude: Yes or No. For example, a boy wants to buy a gift for his girlfriend can use this app to ask users of YON for advice. As far as I know, a lot of similar apps already exist in China. OOXX, Bilin(比邻)and kuaiwen(快问) share similar idea and product design. Especially OOXX, this app offers super experience in user-interaction. I tested it with a random photo and got 20 feedbacks within ten minutes. How to compete with existing products leaves a big question for YON.

Winner #2: Toy Story (云端漫步)

Toy Story is a hardware project. Robert toys with the control function editable by self-generated programs. A judge commented “this product is just what I need for my naughty kids”.

Winner #3: Chatbox (话匣子)

Chatbox is a SNS based user-generate-content game. It catches pictures and text contents about a certain topic from SNS and generates html5 game simultaneously. The team wishes this product can be used by advertisers to attract audience for branding and marketing purpose. Plus, with html5 engine, they can immediately cover all the platforms including web service and mobile platforms.

Winner #4: Medhome

Medhome is an app for people to find doctors and get diagnosed by phone, video and text. The basic idea was from a friend’s personal experience who went to a foreign country and got trouble finding a trust-worthy economical medical service. With medhome, user can enjoy familiar doctors’ service wherever he is. However, these medical-related product faces two main obstacles: 1. How to win the trust from users; 2. How to deal with issues of medical accidents. Still, I believe these in-pocket-doctor products may find a way to improve people’s health.

The champion team will represent China to enter the Global Startup Battle. Wish them good luck!

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