Meituan Snags up Former Alibaba VP as COO

Chinese group buying service Meituan announced today that Gan Jiawei, former VP of Alibaba will join the company to serve as COO.

Mr. Gan said that it’s his belief in the future of ecommerce industry that prompts him to join Meituan, one of the largest group buying sites in China. After the B2B, C2C and B2C waves in ecommerce waterfront, ecommerce of service sector will be the next big thing and give rise to another giant company that as significant and as huge as  Alibaba, Gan remarked.

According to Wang Xin, Chief Executive of Meituan, the Beijing-based company will generate RMB 200 million (over US$ 31 million) in sales in November 2011 with a monthly growth rate of more than 20%.

After joining Alibaba in 2000, Gan held various management positions in Alibaba including Marketing Director, Regional GM and VP.