Baidu is said to start selling its Baidu Phone at probably RMB 3000 (US$ 471) by end of this month. The phone will be built on the search company’s Baidu Yi mobile platform.

The Beijing-based company launched Baidu Yi mobile platform this September in its annual Baidu World conference. Baidu Yi (means ‘easy’ in Chinese) is constructed on top of Google Android as it customized Android and then integrated some of Baidu’s own apps and services into it, including Baidu Maps, Shen Bian (like Google Places), Ting music platform, and Baidu Yue (reader).

Baidu reorganized its mobile internet businesses to set up a ‘Baidu Mobile|Cloud Computing Division’ with a sharper focus on mobile industry and probably mobile OS.

Though Baidu phone seems to be slightly cheaper when comparing to some smartphones such as iPhone 4 (RMB 3998 and iPhone 4S currently is not available in China yet) and Samsung Galaxy S2 Lite (RMB 3999), but in a market dominated by smartphones priced between RMB 1500 – 2500 (US$ 235 – 392), Baidu’s mobile has no price advantage over its counterparts made by HTC, Huawei or Lenovo. And we have no idea of the specification yet, is it worth the price tag? Let’s wait and see.

According to our previous report, Baidu phone might be OEMed by Dell.

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  1. Hmm.maybe baidu phone can be used as  computer .It is convenient for some people who often use  search engines.
     But this price  has no price advantage .

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