Thanks to Akio Tanaka of Infinity Ventures Partner, I was invited to join the panel at his Infinity Ventures Summit (Fall, 2011). The topic of this panel is pretty interesting, Everything You Wanted to Know About China Internet, But were Afraid to Ask. Other very experienced panelists include: Fritz Demopoulos the founder of Queen’s Road Capital Founder (also the co-founder of Qunar), Patrick Liu the CEO of Rekoo, Marc van der Chijs the co-founder of (co-founder of Tudou), and Richard Robinson, the co-founder of Youlu.

I gave a 10min presentation to trigger the panel discussion which Akio wants every panelist to share their honest and no-bull-sh*t comments about China. So I gave the presentation a very straight-forward title, This is What We Call, the China Web, which I would love to share in this post.

Not sure how much the presentation can help, but before your read it through, please Note that,

  • It’s impossible to summarize the China Web in only ~20 slides;
  • I just highlighted some of the most interesting and maybe controversial parts;
  • Every point mentioned in these slides actually you can view them from different angles;
So please just take this presentation as a reference.

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