The Beijing CBD Administrative Committee announced last week that the modern ancient city is now providing free WiFi connection in its CBD or Central Business District, covering an area of 3.99 square kilometers.

According to the announcement, whenever you’re in CBD area and are able to locate an access point named “CBD-WALN” on your mobile devices like smartphone, iPad or laptop, you’re ready to login with your Sina Weibo account to enjoy the free lunch. Yes, you read it right. Sina Weibo account is one type of the credentials for the benefit as long as you’ve linked your cellphone number with your weibo account. For those who don’t have Weibo account, they can still use their mobile phone to apply for the verification code to get access to it.

As the the primary area of finance, media and business services in Beijing, China, Beijing CBD occupies 3.99 sq km of the Chaoyang District on the east side of the city, with more than 20,000 companies resided in the area, most of which are multinationals and local giants.

Cisco was reportedly developing the CBD free WiFi connection for Beijing city.

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  1. Great.If  the WiFi  can be expanded to nationwide ,it will be cool.Of course,your mobile phone must be support the WiFi.

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