Mobile app Flights Manager (航班管家) is raising US$ 15 million in Series B from Matrix Partners China and Greylock Partners, according to its founder Wang Jiang’s weibo posts. The company raised US$ 5 million in Series A round of funding from Sequoia China.

The app which targeting business travelers lets its users check out flights info in realtime in China, including departing time, ticket price, seat availability and so on. Better yet, it incorporates hotel booking, weather forecasting and other trip-related services.

Huo.Li (活力, translates to vitality), the company behinds the travel app is also curating several other apps such as “Hotel Manager”, similar to Flights Manager only focusing on hotels;, a game-centric LBS service and Maopao Paipai, an instagram like photo sharing app.

The company claims to be the first Chinese app developer that raised the concept of Scenarios-based Service. It means users are always using their app under certain scenarios, like when you want to check out the fight information, or on a business trip in a strange city and in need of a hotel room for accommodation.

As of now the company boasts a headcount of about 150.

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  1. Great.It is convenient for us.we can through the moile phone know departing time, ticket price, seat availability and so on.

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