Chinese online games developer slash operator NetDragon Websoft Inc. announced migrating its hit game Conquer Online to iPad in English version, making it the world’s first lifetime free-to-play MMORPG game on tablet device. Gamers around the world can now download it free of charge from Apple App Store (LINK).

According to the China southeastern Fujian province based company, the iPad version of Conquer Online comes with many of the highlights and features of its PC counterpart, enlivened by the intuitive control made available by iPad’s touchscreen.

Launched online since 2003, the game as of now has over 10 million registered accounts.

Going Abroad

With the increasing proliferation of tablets such as iPad and all kinds of Android pads, game developers are now setting they eyes on the brand new tablet gaming market in hopes of leveraging the portability and natural human-computer interactive interface to launch new titles into the market or revive dated titles for the sector. NetDragon is among them. Founded in 1999, the Hong Kong-listed company has in-house developed several blockbusters such as ZhenFu (征服 or Conquer) and several English market targeted titles including Monster and Me, Zero Online, Conquer Online, Crazy Tao and Eudemons Online. It also operates ZhenFu in different language versions like French, Spanish and Japanese.

Chinese game manufacturers have long established their forefronts in foreign markets as domestic market has been seeing intensive competition. According to China’s General Administration of Press and Publication, last year’s game exports valued US$ 230 million while in domestic market all vendors generated US$ 5.04 billion in revenue, up 30% year-over year, though slowed down from the 50% pace in 2009.

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