Venture capital WIHarper announced leading US$ tens of millions round in HTML5 mobile games developer and distributor Leiyoo with Innovation Works participating. Beijing-based Leiyoo is an IW portfolio company.

Founded in September 2010 by Huang He who used to work at Huawei and Tencent holding various positions including engineer, product manager and product director, Leiyoo is focusing on in-house developing and operating mobile games made with HTML5, the next generation of HTML language. The company to date has held a dozen of HTML5 game developing-related patents.

Flash might rule the PC world, but in the mobile world the winner is yet to be announced as Flash lagged behind in the territory. Apple still says no to Flash. Android is also considering switching to HTML5.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said that “new open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5 will won on mobile device”, his statement was echoed by Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s prediction that it looks to him like HTML5 will eventually become a way almost all application are built, including those on new phones.

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