LBS-based mobile social app Momo announced surpassing half a million users this week, with the official launch of its Android version and updates for iPhone version.

Momo released the iOS version in this August with a new approach to social networking service: adding in the LBS feature for more fun and more possibilities. With the app, you can check out who’s near you, you can chat with them if you’re attracted to someone. It differs from walkie-talkie-like Weixin or Miliao in that Momo is all about strangers. The idea behind Momo is to help you find out about the stranger around you.

The core team of Momo comes from NetEase, one of the largest portal sites in China.

LBS-based stranger-centric mobile social service is seeing some heat among entrepreneurs. Lots of startup made their inroads with similar idea and product into the startup world.

Some well-received Chinese mobile social services include:

Momo  (Beijing)

ShanJu (Beijing)

Jimi (Beijing)


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