Chinese LBS service Jiepang which has been leading the territory with innovative thinking and exploring the sector with early-adoption of cutting-edge technology like NFC announced this week releasing the latest version of its iOS and Android app with new features including photo tagging, new filters and so on.

The new version dubbed “Jiepang Friends” is positioned as a tool to help people better tracking and sharing their daily life with intimate friends via feature like photo tagging, the function made famous by Flickr and Facebook. After taking or uploading a photo while you’re checking-in with Jiepang app, you can touch the screen to tag a friend, just like how it works on Facebook.

Better yet, you can not only tag your Jiepang Friends, but also tag those who are users of other mainstream Chinese social networking service like Renren, Douban and Sina Weibo and have their accounts linked with Jiepang, a move to spur users’ check-in behavior through better leveraging on other platforms. At the same time, syncing joys onto other platforms can also help Jiepang gain more traction and buzz among China’s social networking sites.

The app also added a new tab on the bottom navbar to help users better handle friends-related stuff, like searching a friend, viewing friend list and responding friend requests. Beside, 8 new photo filters are added in to make the photo taking experience more visually fun.

David Liu, founder and CEO of Jiepang said that “numerous people recording their life with Jiepang every day, we hope the new app can better help them tracking and sharing their every moments in daily life with closest friends, a direction that we’ve been working on since the beginning of Jiepang.”

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