When you or a loved one is sick, finding a doctor to help is paramount. But when the time is most critical, it can be difficult to research, find and book an appointment with the best doctor. Now like the transformative American web company, Zocdoc, FindDoc has launched in Hong Kong to serve the same need.

FindDoc allows people to access all Hong Kong doctors’ information in one place in multiple languages. FindDoc users can easily search for healthcare providers by specialty, locations, medical card, gender, or spoken language. It aims to provide people an efficient way to book medical services.

FindDoc was established this year by University of New Hampshire roommates, Kevin Yeung and Dr. Michael Lim along with technologist Ivan Ng to honor their friend, the late Hong Kong business leader Mohan Mahtani.  Mohan sustained a serious concussion and fell into a coma. His family desperately tried to find leading neurosurgeons but found that information was not readily available.  Tragically, Mohan never found the right doctor and passed away.

To access FindDoc, you can visit through the website or use their free iOS or Android mobile version. You can search by specialty, location and insurance provider. FindDoc then displays doctor’s schedules, with credentials to help you find the best fit doctor. Patients simply select a time slot and complete a brief three-step booking process to secure an appointment. FindDoc then sends reminders to help patients remember to attend their appointments. Currently the online booking system is not functional, but will go live in February 2012.

I did a quick test to see how it works. I picked General Surgery, Location as Central and AXA – U Care. I then filtered down further and picked English as a must have language, and Male as a gender. Automatically a nice large map displays all the doctors that match my criteria. After picking one, it opens up more details that include contact info, all the languages he speaks, types of services offered, consultation fees, qualifications, location, opening hours and hospitals he works with. Too easy!

FindDoc is proudly committed to staying free for people to use. The obvious way to earn revenue is through charging doctors like Zocdoc does.

I think this is a fantastic service and should be done across every city! I know I would use it in Beijing.

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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  1. In China such services has been running for quite sometime and they are more advanced. Like the one called hao yi sheng in Shanghai. I feel this is a common way to replicate a service across the border. Only time will tell how it would continue to survive.

      1. Totally agree Mr Theodore. This Hong Kong system is far more attractive. I hate Hao Yi Sheng which looks like it was made by peasants. I want sophistication for my doctors.

        1. Go take a look at this super cute youtube video of a baby using FindDoc:

          YouTube video
    1. I travel to China a lot for business and always want a Chinese equivalence of Zocdoc. Thanks for pointing out Haoyisheng, but I just spent 10 minutes navigating through its website, does it really allow you to find where the doctors are in Shanghai, let alone making appointments online…. so I would love to see finddoc coming to China…

  2. What a great gift to Hong Kong from a two remarkable college room mates – a respected Asian philanthropist and a Johns Hopkins Brain Surgeon.

  3. Jason this is a fantastic find! Just what we all need, simple, factual and informative site to search and book our healthcare providers. None of the social media type of junk. This figures as this site was founded by Dr Michael Lim one of the world’s best neurosurgeons at the very best hospital Johns Hopkins.

  4. This is one of the best source to locate Doctors when in needs, the appointment booking system will also ensure you a two way communication, so that not only you can find the best doctor around but the Doc can also better schedule his/her schedule. A great invention.

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