The passwords leaking incident is still going on with more websites involved including, a popular BBS service aimed to go public in the coming years.

As of now the websites got hacked include: CSDN (6 million account compromised), Duowan (8 million), 7k7k (20 million), 178 (10 million) and Tianya (9 million). Except for these confirmed ones, some big-name sites like Renren, NetEase, Baidu and Sina weibo are also rumored to be compromised with some user accounts being hacked. Sina Weibo has just denied the claim saying some accounts are in trouble only because they used the same compromised passwords on other websites.

Archived files with all compromised accounts were already available all over the web, and free.And the hackers behind the Chinese websites year-end compromising show remain mysterious.

Have You Been Hacked?

To ease concerns and help people find out whether they’ve got hacked, a number of handy services just sprang up overnight. Type in your account info (email/username) and enter, they’ll let you know if your account is compromised or not. I just checked, my good old Tianya account did get hacked.

Worried about your privacy? Try them and change your password ASAP.

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  1. I hope you get exposed for the fraud you are. Lamer. Never give away credentials, fools.

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