I’ve heard more than one source claiming that 2012 will be the “Year of Big Data”, the big buzz word emerged lately in Silicon Valley.

Ever since the inception of Web 2.0 and everyone got to partake in the content contribution to the whole Internet, the explosion of data has became some sort of a gospel for web companies. This huge amount of data, particular personalized data that has become more ubiquitous with the advent of Facebook Connect, geo-location data, user-generated data, and can be utilized to boost these companies’ traffic, sales or growth.

It’s known to many that Amazon, as probably one of the most successful etailer in the planet, has abundant experience in dealing with data produced on the website, some of its features like item recommendation are basically data-driven and help the online shop pulling in big revenue, so ever wanna hear about how the Internet giant manages and capitalizes on these data? Come and join “A Fireside Chat with Dr. Andreas Weigend and Jianshuo Wang”, in which Dr. Weigend, former Chief Scientist of Amazon and Jianshuo Wang, founder and CEO of Baixing.com will share their insights on the explosion of personalized data and how entrepreneurial companies can capture the trend in this arena.

They will talk about the most current ideas and outlook for future disruptions built on the wave of data-centric innovation, and what it means in the context of current China technology landscape.

And some interesting and inspiring questions concerning big data:

·      What is possible in a personalized web? What a personalized product can look like?

·      How to leverage data to make your product better over-time? What data should you collect? How do you analyze it? What metrics should they use?

·      How do you infer consumer intent and design for behavior change using consumer-generated content?

The event will feature a large Q&A discussion component after the speaker’s remarks. It will be followed by a light mixer.



上海南丹东路60号 徐汇区科技馆 一楼 科技沙龙会议厅(近宛平南路)

Date and Time:

2011, 12, 29 Thursday 7 – 9 PM


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