Like some constant travelers may have noticed, as of now many Chinese scenic areas have been equipped with self-service tour guiding gadget, with this babe, you’ll almost never get lost even it’s your first time being somewhere and could get the most out of every trip, thanks to its navigation and vocal guiding features.

The convenience comes at a price, varied from place to place. Normally you need to pay between 60 and 100 RMB (US$ 9.5 and 15) to rent a gadget like this.

Launched in this May, YHiker, the Jiangsu Prov.-based startup which positioned its app as everyone’s tourist guide in the pocket is trying to help tourists get rid of that money. With its Android app Onebyone (玩伴儿, translates to TravelMate) installed, you can hands-down have your very own private guide.

Wanbaner’s key features include:

Accurate GPS Positioning: Locating where you’re through smartphone’s GPS device.

Vocal Guiding: Explaining in great details the scene/historic sites in front you via pre-recorded human voice.

Navigating: Walking you through the scenic area, suggesting best routes.

The app to date supports more than 241 tour attractions in 24 Chinese cities. Some top attractions like the Palace Museum, Beihai Park in Beijing, Gulangwu in Xia Men city of Fujian Prov. and other places in Harbin of Heilongjiang Prov. and Luoyang city of Henan Prov. As of the now the app has more than 5 million users.

You can download it here and try it. Next time when you’re visiting some place for the first time, it might be a great help.

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