Add China’s Facebook Renren to the list of Pinterest “tribute-payers”, the social networking service just launched its own Pinterest-like service (Renren Guangjie or 人人逛街) to tap into the trend. There’re a dozen of similar services in existence already as we wrote before.

Renren Guangjie, shares the same approach as all the other copycats to publish your favorites online by ‘pinning’ a picture of them on the site, with a minor differentiation that what got featured on Renren Guangjie are mostly linked to Taobao, making it one step closer to Meilishuo, one of the best social ecommerce services in China. While some other Pinterests in China, like Huaban, more or less adopted the original idea behind the interests sharing service, encourage its users to post a broader set of stuff like cute pet pictures and scenery pictures which are not money-making.

After playing with the site, you’ll find out that almost 99% of its referral links go towards Taobao, probably motived by the story that Meilishuo bolstered Taobao monthly sales by RMB 700 million (US$ 110 milion). Big sum.

The site’s homepage design resembles Meilishuo’s homepage, while click on ‘商街’ (Avenue), the familiar waterfall layout will be unfolded in front of you.

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