Year-end is always a good time to reap and celebrate as well as to review and reflect, all aiming to shape a better China websphere in the year to come.

It’s in 2011, that we’ve seen the proliferation of spontaneous entrepreneurship and innovative thinking in the vast land of China. North to south, cities like Beijing, Guangzhou Changsha and Shenzhen with their fascinating blend of tradition and modernity have been re-energized with overnight-springing-up startups; east to west, places like Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chendu and Xi’an are juvenilizing with their fast paced growth through adapting new trends in the business and technology world quickly into China.

It’s in 2011. that we’ve witnessed the convergence of cutting-edge technology and excellent human brain bringing in everything in an unparalleled way that we‘ve never imagined before. Ranged from mobile communicating tool that could save your phone bill (Weixin, Talkbox), hilarious tablet games (Fishing Joy) to interesting app that help you find the closet toilet (Ohbaba), the ideas behind these carefully crafted products might look small, but they’re solving ‘big’ problem, be it to bring people closer, to entertain people or just to meet the human needs.

And it’s in 2011, that we’ve watched the homegrowing and outside world questing of Chinese startups including Dolphin Browser, Talkbox, Fishing Joy and so on, which have all been nominated in our ChiangBangAwards to celebrate and appreciate their achievements.

To clap hands for them, is one of the many reasons that TechNode initiated the year-end event, we also wanted to reap the crops with these inspiring entrepreneurs after a whole year’s hard working, and to predict the future through wrapping up the past year.

In the Award Ceremony we’ll crown those prominent startups, investors and products voted by judges and everyone, you’ll hear inspiring speeches and panel discussions given by A-list Chinese investors, industry experts and founders.

On top of that, we’re also curating a special TechNode Launchpad, an opportunity for startups to pitch their idea in from of investors, serial entrepreneurs as well as 500+ audience. For more details, click here.

The ceremony will be held over Febr 18 to Febr 19 in Dayin theatre of Beijing. For more details about the Award Ceremony, visit here (Introduction): or here (Agenda)

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