China Unicom Claims 2nd Largest iPhone Partner: Li Gang, Deputy GM of China Unicom claimed that the Chinese operator has grown to be the second largest iPhone partner of Apple in the planet. China is the gadget maker’s fastest growing market, Tim said. Given the ‘Black Friday riot’ during the China launch of iPhone 4S, it is quite credible and convincing. Chinese people’s craziness for iPhone 4S made Apple issued a statement announcing it had to temporarily suspend sales of all iPhones at its five Apple Stores in China for the safety of customers and employees.

China Telecommunication Industry Pulled in US$ 156 billion: China telecommunication industry pulled in US$ 156 billion (RMB 988 billion) in revenue last year, up 10% from the same period a year ago. Out of more than 1.27 billion phone subscribers, 986.25 million are mobile holders while landline use still sees decreasing.

Suning Made 87 Beijing Stores Pickup Center: Suning, the Chinese 3C chain store made its 87 Beijing stores pickup centers for its online presence, a move to march violently towards e-business.

Xunlei Restart IPO When Market Pickup: Zhou Shenlong, CEO of Xunlei said that the online video company will restart IPO process once market gets better, he also revealed that the company will be spending between RMB 1 to 1.5 billion buying copyrighted contents.

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