Traditional live webcasting is both time and money intensive. You need to buy or rent expensive live broadcasting equipment, hire operational professionals and negotiate with solution providers to make sure all your customized needs would be met.

Botata, a turn-key live webcasting service provider has a simple and cost effective solution to free live webcasters from all these pitfalls.

Founded May 2011, the Beijing-based company built a cloud-based live webcasting client (shape and weighs like conventional laptop) that takes the input from a camera ready internet connected device i.e.  smartphone, tablets and output it to internet connected device via cloud-based content distribution system.

It’s a cheaper solution in comparison to those conventional ones. And it’s easier, basically, anyone who has access to a video camera and can afford a Botata client will able to live webcast his/her party joy, wedding ceremony, other important moments and more. The client is a no-brainer to use as compared to professional equipment that require extra knowledge and effort to manage and operate.

It currently supports H.264 video coding standard and 1080i, 1080p and 720p image quality. It’s software client that used to receive webcast is integrated with social media like Sina Weibo so you can share whatever you see to Sina Weibo to share the moment with more friends.

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