Via video recording, new TechCrunch Chief Editor Erick Schonfeld opened up ChinaBang Day 2. As one of the most influential tech blogs and aggregators of on the ground start-up news in the Silicon Valley, TechCrunch is positioned at the forefront for knowing the latest tech trends.

There is an “explosion of start-ups” Schonfeld said. The reason is because there has never been an easier time to launch a start-up. There are ready available platforms like Facebook and Twitter, plug-ins, api’s to build products quicker and with more reach. This generation has a “real unique opportunity to test different business models and test new products” says Schonfeld.

Erick talked about the American start-up ethos of ‘shipping’ products fast and often to take advantage of a quicker customer feedback loop. Erick believes that, as this ethos is embraced around the world, we will continue to see very creative breakthrough ideas and products that make our lives easier and better.

Erick is very excited to learn more about China’s start-up eco-system. He is very impressed that Chinese companies can become some of the biggest companies in the world by only serving the massive Chinese consumer market. This lead him to ask a question that will be answered over the next few years, ‘Can Chinese companies grow and spread across the world, where Chinese business models are replicated in other countries?’

With the amount of attention on China, its rapid economic development, advances in technology and a growing population ready to take the entrepreneurial path full of risks, China will become a powerful force in the tech start-up world.

Thank you for your message Erick!

We will aim to get the video online soon.

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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