The argument about Flash V.S. HTML 5 has been on and off for a while, after Adobe, the creator of Flash announced to discontinue mobile flash in last November, it seemed clear to many that HTML 5 will be ruling the future mobile experience.

Courtesy of Chris Tow

As most are hooray for the success of HTML 5 camp, some concerned that the difficulty in producing HTML 5 animation. Usually, creating a simple Flash requires one designer plus couple hours. Now with HTML 5, it requires one designer one programmer and couple days of work. Efficiency seems to be the major problem confronting HTML animation production, regardless of its exciting features.

Mugeda, a startup with its cloud-based HTML 5 animation generator has been trying to solve the conundrum since its inception in last September. You can use it to create organic HTML5 animation contents from any browser, without any download or installation, and it’s as easy as making Flash animations. You can try it here:

The product adopts a freemium model, it remains free for normal users to get access to its basic features while charges company users for advanced options like cloud-based storage of animations, technical support, private cloud and so on.

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