A report estimates China’s mobile video user number will reach 282 million by 2013. At the same time, online video, mobile internet and online payment were deemed as the three Internet trends with most potential in Chinese Internet sector.

 VKU (or 微酷), taps into the trends with its mobile video sharing tool slash community that combines both mobile Internet and online video. Anyone can shoot short clips (no longer than 30 secs) easily and share them with friends through popular social media platforms like Sina Weibo and so forth.

Courtesy of Chris Tow

VKU is also a powerhouse for shooting and making short video clips. Underpinned by its strong technical team, VKU supports some unique and awesome features like realtime filtering and editing, video effects, subtitling and dubbing, all on your smartphone. Especially, with its preinstalled effects like LOMO, black and white, old times and so on, you can hands-down produce high quality professional footage with just several clicks.

You can use VKU as a LBS checkin service, only you’re checking with video rather than pictures and texts. How cool is that. Also, by leveraging on its location awareness function, VKU can categorize different videos by where you are, similar to the elastic social network concept raised by the hilarious app Color.

Founded in last September, the startup scheduled to launch its new release in next month.

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