Founded in last April, China southeastern Fujian prov.-based MobileMomo (移动陌陌) is working on something quite different from – or even against last year’s social trends, namely LBS-empowered stranger-based social networking concept that powered lots of similar service in China like, and so forth.

How many Sina Weibo followers or retweeter you know in real life? Do you really know all those people who “liked” your Facebook updates? Not really. MobileMomo believes that social connections between real-life acquaintances is more valuable for being the “raw power” of social networking. As high as 82% of Facebook users only connected with people they knew in reality life, according to Huang Zhongyi, product designer of MobileMomo.

MobileMomo takes a light-weighted approach to mobile social networking in product design by leveraging 3G and your phone book. All your phone book contacts will beome your Momo friends automatically (privacy concern, though), and you can send text messages, files to and share location with contacts even though they have no MobileMOMO client installed in their phone. All the information will be showed on mobile browser. Message receiver could directly reply your text or download the file from the browser.

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