Social Games Vendor FunPlus Raising US$12M from GSR: Social gaming developer FunPlus Game announced raising US$ 12 million in Series A round of funding from GSR Ventures.

Founded in H1 of 2010 with headquarters in both Silicon Valley and Beijing, the company earned its credit as the largest Asia social gaming vendor in terms of daily active user numbers on Facebook platform.

China Online Gaming Market to Reach RMB57.7B in 2012: China’s online gaming market size will reach RMB 57.7 billion in this year, according to a report out last month by Beijing-based market researcher Analysys International, up 20.7% from last year, while webpage games will account for RMB 7.882 billion.

Another report conducted by, the gaming portal of Sohu, has found that more than 96% of gamers are willing to pay for online games.

China Mobile Gaming Market Size: According to a report by Analysys International, China mobile gaming market size stood at RMB 370 million in the fourth quarter of last year with 30.28 million mobile gamers. The market is picking up as the result of proliferation of smartphones and emergence of attractive mobile games.

Webpage Gaming Market Needs a Consolidation: As “associated operation” has became the sorta norm of webpage gaming operational model, it served as one of the major revenue sources or even a cash cow for many Chinese Internet companies like VeryCD (, Qihoo 360 (, Sogou (, (a Chanyou subsidiary), Duowan ( and 178 (

For instance, Qihoo 360 noted in its 3rd quarter 2011 financial results report that the company’s “Internet value-added service revenues, which are mainly derived from web game operations, were $12.1 million, up 198% from the same period last year and 49% from the prior quarter. The year-over-year and sequential growth was mainly driven by the accelerated growth of the games’ user base.”

However, sometimes the more fruitful the market is, the more chaos it brings. Numerous  website which are not specializing in online gaming flocked into the market to grab something from gamers’ pocket. A consolidation is required for long-term development.

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  1. Just only tencent  games is so hot in China.Though the market is so big,if they are unities,online games will get more development.

  2. —-Royal Story and Family Farm Players—

    Think twice before you consider playing these games and if you do DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY.

    Do you know where your money is going? Do you know what kind of company you are dealing with?

    Fun+Game is a Chinese/US company, with offices in Beijing, China and
    Silicon Valley, US. The US portion is just a shell for the most part, as
    their developers, etc. are all in China.

    This company CLEARLY
    cares about NOTHING more than your money. Currently they have been on
    witch hunts trying to track down people using glitches/hacks, and
    automation. They have asked their users to Snitch/Tell on their
    neighbors if they suspect something. Sounds very much like a Communist
    Society, or Even Germany during the Nazi Era.

    While doing
    these witch hunts, they not only ban people that have done legitimate
    wrong, but also ban people that have done nothing wrong at all.

    While they MAY give you back your account, they ask you to Snitch/Tell
    on people you think may be using hacks/glitches/automation as a
    condition to get your account back.

    Many people that have been
    banned have used their hard earned money to support this game, most
    likely not even knowing where their money was going. They lose
    everything, even if they did NOTHING.

    Check out who you are supporting…

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