To incubate startups from the ideas to fast-growing companies, you should understand what they really need at different stages. Incubation is definitely not a one-time offer: you feed the startups some money, then leave them to do whatever they want to. We need a pipeline for the incubation process.

Startup Weekend, a two-days program to help startup founders set up the team, approve the idea, work out a simple demo and receive feedback from experienced people or VCs is a good starting point. We’ve reported about the Startup Weekend Taiwan. Then the team should have more time and a small amount of funding to implement and enrich the core ideas, then have a good working product which can clearly showcase the value of the idea. This stage is where the Startup Labs fits. The Startup Labs Taiwan gives every startups 22 days to get their idea out. This so-called acceleration program awards teams 1,000,000 NTD (~US$30,000) in exchange for 8% of company equity (read our coverage on 5 startups in this program). Then for the startups, what would be the problems to solve next: user acquisition, angel or serial A funding, HR, or globalisation strategy etc. They may still need help.

Josh Fu of Yushan Ventures pinged us with a good news, they are launching the so-called YSeed program which is designed to help early stage startups GROW. Read from its official site,

YSeed supports your start-up and helps you in defining a valid business model by applying effective user acquisition strategies to move on to the next stage, get funding and internationalize.

So far, the pipeline of this incubation process seems working quite well. Startup Labs held a demo day recently at Google Taiwan office. As Josh said, two startups have attracted lots of attention, Lucent Sky has sold their products to 5 different clients; Gumhoo has increased its user base to over 2,500 active users and has made commission based sales on products through their users.

The startup ecosystem is getting more healthy, good news for Taiwan startups, and we see the happy faces.

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