Mobile Market (MM), the largest Chinese app store curated by China Mobile, announced today on Weibo that Angry Birds Space will be available in the market  next week on March 22. It’s an exciting news for every pig-shooting fan in China. The game will be launched exclusively by Mobile Market, according to the app store’s official account on Sina Weibo.

In the latest one of the Angry Birds series,  the battlefield has been changed from earth to outer space, which means, you need to think hard about the gravity-free environment before drawing the bow. Also, new species of birds will be joining the arsenal to make the new game more juicy.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds franchise has been making real progress in its China business with rising popularity amongst players as well as opportunities in other territories like a perspective theme park and so forth  to leverage on its wild-spread fame.

(The story was written by, a leading English gaming portal site. Source link.)

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