Cloud service is attracting more and more eyeballs in China. Looking at the cloud storage sector, we got startups such as Kanbox, YUNIO, QBox and so on, and big ones like Everbox from Shanda, Kuanpan from KingSoft, DBank from Huawei etc. Now we just got a big one, Baidu which currently is testing (invitation only) its own Dropbox’s like service, named Baidu NetDisk.

Function-wise, Baidu NetDisk offers you more or less the same core functions: file (video, image etc) upload with 1GB as max size per file, public or password-protected file-sharing, clients (now only PC, Android versions available) etc. The difference is that Dropbox offers 2GB storage for free and Baidu is generous enough to give every registered user 15GB. As you may know Dropbox is blocked in China, and I tested out Baidu’s and have to say that the uploading/downloading is super fast.

I did not find any price plan on Baidu NetDisk, assuming that it would this service for free for a long while. Giving the “Free” culture of Chinese internet, you may need a huge amount of capitals to keep the Cloud storage service alive. It’s surely good news for users to have more free and convenient cloud service with more giants jumping into the market, but then it ends up with the question, how could those startups survive?

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