Just 3 days ago, we wrote about Tencent Weixin’s rumor of moving to global market. We said that by end of last year, Weixin had ~50 million registered user. But that was just history. Early this morning, Pony Ma of Tencent, tweeted several words on his weibo: Finally, 100 Millions! He did not say it’s Weixin, but what else it could be?

This is damn incredible. It only took around one year to reach this figure, and the 2nd 50m only took ~3 months! According to Tencent’s latest quarterly report, by end of 2011, its instant messenger QQ has ~720m registered users. If Weixin keep growing like what’s happening now, it could be bigger than QQ in only several years!

Last week, I got a voice message on Weixin, and it’s from a ~45 years old man who’s a driver of my ex-boss. So I voiced back asking how come he’s using this fancy stuff (I thought it’s still a bit geeky and for young generation only), he said it’s just because his daughter and some friends are using it. I was shocked. Weixin is going to be a killer application for Chinese mobile life, and making a new history for Tencent.

That Unstoppable Penguin.

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