Alibaba’s TMall Gets New Logo and AR Combination

As you might’ve heard, Alibaba’s Taobao Mall (Chinese name 天猫, translates to Sky Cat) just announced its new logo, a move to ramp up the company’s presence and strength in China’s B2C sector.

Along with the new logo, Alibaba debuted the combination of AR (Augmented Reality ) technology and online shopping experience, through which you can ‘feel’ the stuff you want to buy without stepping out of the door. One major obstacle the holds back online buyers is that you don’t get to feel it till you pay for it.

TMall now accounts for 50% of the Chinese B2C market, according to a report by Beijing-based market researcher iResearch.

Now, something for your amusement, let’s take a look at the sky cat and its friends, including sky dog, sky pig, sky elephant etc.