In fulfilling its goal to fill the gap between China’s and the world’s startup community, TechNode has walked a long way. With our carefully curated stories as well as analysis that help people outside China gain more insights into one of the largest and most dynamic startup ecosystems in the planet, we built a China-centric, TMT-focused blog media of great value to our readers, many of whom are Valley-based entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, analysts and tech observers. And over the past year we’ve established close cooperation with some of the best technology media in the U.S. like TechCrunch, VentureBeat and BusinessInsider, who co-publish TechNode pieces to spread the word about Chinese startups and founders.

Now in an aim to get more China-based startups to be heard globally, the TechNode team is hunting for someone who’s equipped with enough tech sense and excellent writing skills to join us to grow the business. The person should:

  • Excellent Chinese reading and speaking capability (native or near-native)
  • Fluent English
  • Know-how about China tech sector

If you’re passionate enough to work at one of the leading China-focused English tech blogs, just drop us a line at ben[AT]  I’ll be more than happy to take your questions.

Ben Jiang

Listener of startups, writer on tech. Maker of things, dreamer by choice.

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