Startup Weekend, the inspiring 54-hour-long event holding on Friday nights with innovative-thinking entrepreneurs pitching startup ideas announced new winners from its latest event held over last weekend in Google Taiwan’s office on the 77th floor of the Taipei 101 building.

It’s 60 participants ranged from developers, designers, product managers, students, business executives and speakers, panelists, mentors as well as judges coming from all over the world with various backgrounds such as venture capitalists, angels investors and serial entrepreneurs.

As the 3rd Startup Weekend held in Taiwan and the 2nd for Taipei, Startup Weekend Taiwan has caught many’s attention with many neat ideas and excellent teams emerging during the event, here’re the winners from the latest event.

1st place: Advintage (

Advintage aims to put the right wines in the hands of the right customers, by sending sample boxes that narrow your tastes over time by using a clever algorithm.  The judges all believed that if they can pull this off it’s a massive market, and being in Taiwan is perfect as we are the world’s third largest importer of vino.

2nd place: Drimmit (

By using Drimmit, you can set tangible mile stones and am thus more likely to achieve my objectives. You want to save the whales? Sure! Band together with your friends or others to sink a harpoon ship and help each other be a part of the change you want to see. Again, the judges felt that Drimmit was a scale-able solution for dreams both small and large.

3rd place: Unomy (

Sometimes it can be hard finding people with the same interests, and often you want to go to an event but have nobody to go with. What Unomy does is connect these people beforehand and let them make plans together. In this way, people can make connections easily and effortlessly.

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