What would you do if you bought too much stuff and later on found out some of them just aren’t of interest to you anymore? Sell it. That’s the case with Shanda, the company that seemed to be on a selling spree now in the wake of the buying spree over past few years.

Shunwang Technology, the Hangzhou-based vendor of Internet Cafe management software announced yesterday to acquire Chengdu Jisheng Technology Co., Ltd., a company that develops and distributes management software for internet cafes from Shanda. Jisheng lost RMB 27.54 million last year.

Shanghai-based Shanda bought Jisheng in September 2003 to diversify its business lines.

screenshot of Jisheng website

We mentioned earlier that Shanda sold two gaming subsidiaries  CGA.com.cn and GameABC.com for RMB 3.5 billion to Zhebao Media, a media group in China eastern Zhejiang province.

As the gaming conglomerate speeded up its pace to approach its China’s Disney dream, we’ll be seeing more sells by Shanda in the future as one of the ways to consolidate and restructure its highly diversified businesses.

A Flash back of Shanda’s acquisition history:

January 2003   acquired 51% of Shenzhen Fenglin Huoshan Computer Technology Co., Ltd., a mobile games developer

April 2003   acquired 90% of Shanghai Shulong Technology Development Co., Ltd., a short messaging service provider

September 2003   acquired 90% of Chengdu Jisheng Technology Co., Ltd., vendor of Internet Cafe management software [Sold Already]

 January 2004    acquired 35% of Beijing Digital-Red Software Application Technology Co., Ltd, another mobile games developer

January 2004    acquired Zona, Inc., an American company that develops server infrastructure platforms for online game developers and operators

July 2004    acquired a stake in Shanghai Haofang Online Information Technology Co.,Ltd (www.cga.com.cn) [Sold Already]

July 2004   acquired Hangzhou Bianfeng Software Technology Co., Ltd., (www.gameabc.com) [Sold Already]

January 2010   acquired Mochi Media, the U.S.-based web games distributing platform

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