Kaixin001, one of the largest social networking services in China debuted its own approach to Path with Meike (or beautiful moments), an app that help close friends stay connected.

It’s slogan, “Share best moments with best friends” directly speaks to its philosophy – foster sharing among close friends. The app’s iTunes store page says:”Meike is a private sharing community which you can add your best friends and share bits of the life instantly. You will (be able to) express your feelings by sharing photos, words, check-ins, watching TV, movies, reading, shopping, dinner and so on.”

screenshot of Meike

Ever since Path 2.0’s sensational revamp in last year, a lot of local teams sniffed the opportunity in the air so followed suit with apps resembled Path, like Diandi, Jiaoyin, Dengdeng and so forth.

In general, Kaixin001’s Meike, seems no different from its rivals, although we did spot two minor differentiation. Firstly, you can share more ‘moments’ than other similar services including its inspiration Path. Just like it boasted on its iTunes Store page, with Meike, you can share your location (where am I) or destination (where I’m going to), TV channel you’re watching, dinner place, movie you’re currently watching, where you’re shopping, book you’re reading, music you’re listening and even your dating (yet to be offered). Secondly, Meike employed a “two accounts” policy to address users’ privacy concern. With your main account, you could add up to 66 close friends while with the sub-account, you can add as many nodding acquaintance you knew or even strangers as you like. The two accounts – between which you can switch – are separated from each other, you need not to worry about sharing with the wrong person – as long as you remember which account you’re using before clicking on share button.

Path to some China startup teams is a clear path to success as the company is on track to raise US$ 40 million in Series B round of financing led by RedPoint. The app now claims more than 20 million registered users.

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