Weixin Got Updated: Named WeChat, Added Facebook Connect, 7 Languages and Path-like Feature

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Tencent has just released its new version of Weixin, the mobile group chatting service with over 100millions users.

We have reported Weixin’s ambition on international market, so not a big surprise, we see

  1. Weixin officially has an English name, WeChat;

  2. Weixin now supports 7 language including Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and English;

  3. WeChat’s official site is also launched, http://www.wechatapp.com and it even gets an Facebook Page;

  4. International users can now login WeChat with its Facebook account.

Feature-wise, WeChat added one called Circle, which allows users to share photos with a group of friends. I would say Circle is just like Path, but with a bad UI.

If you have it downloaded, my id is: ganglu.