KingSoft, one of the most famous software companies which developed KingSoft Office (replacement of MS Office), PowerWord (dictionary) and Kingsoft Antivirus etc, is testing its own web browser, named Liebao (meaning Cheetah).

We are still waiting for the invitation code to test it out. But according to its newly launched official site, this dual-core (built on webkit and IE core) browser is promised to be more safe, better designed (UI designed by Rigo) and 3 times faster than Chrome.

KingSoft is the expert of Antivirus technology which is somehow integrated into the core of Liebao Browser. KingSoft called this invention as BIPS (Browser Intrusion Prevention System). In other words, even with no antivirus software running on your system, the browser itself still has the capabilities of e.g. Anti-Phishing, Anti-Trojan and code-injection-proof etc.

The site also says that some parts of webkit core has been rewritten/improved which makes Liebao three times faster than Chrome.

So why KingSoft wants a browser? An easy answer, I guess, would be, to fight against its long-time enemy, 360 which always claims its own 360 Browser the most safe one in the world.

We will get back to you soon once we try it out.

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  1. this video is very cool .now I am using a
    three-core browser of avant  .it based on
    gecko ,webkit and trident .I can add firefox and chrome’s add-ons in it .liebao
    can do it ?

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