Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote the popular notebook app announced today at the Global Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing that the company is on track to speed up its China effort with the debut of its China-tailored Evernote dubbed YingXiang BiJi, literally translated to Impression Note.

Evernote China version, or Impression Note, will not only be the original Evernote plus a Chinese language pack, Phil said. The valley-based company will provide China-specific APIs for local developers to encourage creative local apps leveraged on Evernote’s infrastructure.

As of now Evernote boasts a six staff team in Beijing, and is actively hiring more design, R&D headcount.

China, according to Phil, is the third largest market for Evernote, only next to its homeland the U.S. and Japan. And he believed that China would replace Japan to take the second place in terms of user base by year-end. The app maker is considering setting up local servers for faster connection and stability to better serve its Chinese users.

Phil said that Evernote has acknowledged the different market condition in China and would be striving to play by China’s rule with utmost concern.

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