With its vast land stretching out from the freezing far east neighboring Siberia to the roasting far north tropical islands, a 5000+ years of history, and the dynamic founder spirit spreading everywhere, China has bestowed various characters on its cities. Beijing, for example, is deemed as an inspiring combination of ancient culture and modern vigor. Shanghai, to many are the most fashionable and exquisite city in China. Hangzhou and Chengdu are known for their leisured life yet both are now revitalized with the growth of China’s Internet sector. Guangzhou, on one hand is a stronghold of manufacturing and trading, on the other hand, is still catching up with its aforementioned peers when it comes to Internet sector.

TechNode, partnering with Entrepreneur China, TechWeb as well as incubation centers and cafes around the country, will be holding a TechNode Tech Tour in May and June in the above five cities to help you better understand the local startup ecosystem in more Chinese cities. Well-established startup companies including Zynga, Rovio, DoMob, TouchPal, DeNA and Jiepang will also share their experience and insights with local startup community.

For more details on TechNode Tech Tour, please refer to http://tour.technode.com/.


May 26, Shanghai

May 30, Hangzhou

June 2, Guangzhou

June 6, Chengdu

June 9, Beijing

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