UC Browser, the largest mobile browser in China by adoption will be opening an office in the U.S. in the second half of this year, according to Yu Yongfu, founder and CEO of the company.

Not only UCWeb will compete with those homegrown rivals in the U.S. market like Apple’s Safari for mobile, the company will also meet intensive competition from another Chinese mobile browser which has established its name in overseas market, namely the Dolphin browser.

Dolphin is among those Chinese technology companies that earned their fame and user from aboard firstly and then made a foray into their home turf.

Dolphin which claimed to be the first dual-core mobile browser to date hits north of 10 million users in last November while UCWeb claims more than 300 million users globally. Dolphin has set up its branch office in the Valley, and UCWeb has got a solid foothold in India with a market share of over 20%. Both companies are gallantly venturing into overseas market.

Yu said in an interview that America is a very important target for the company in its aim to transform UCWeb into an internationalized firm.

It already offered an English language version of UC browser for American consumers, and will launch a U.S.-tailored edition of the browser with partnerships with some of the local services like Evernote.

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