According to Beijing-based think tank AnalysysInternational’s newly released report, the total transaction value of China’s B2C market in Q1 reached RMB 81.87 million, up 7.6% from last quarter or up 73% from a year earlier. still leads the team (37.38%), and 360buy is catching up with a share of 17.23%. Analyst Chen Shousong from the market researcher believed in the future the competition between these two would be more serious.

On the hand, some minor names were more eye-catching when coming to competition. Suning’s great efforts on B2C market this year brought itself to the top three (last year, its share is only 1.00%). Tencent’s ecommerce arm (consisting of and ranks right after Suning, the first time that Tencent has showed its potential in the sector, showing a sign of imminent landscape shifting.

The report also pointed out that with the increasing cost of marketing, it is even harder for the e-commerce companies to gain profits thus they all choose to reduce the advertising investment in the coming quarters. It also ascribed the relatively weak market in Q1 to a flurry of big sales in last Q4.

Top 10 Players in China B2C Sector in Q1 2012

Service    Market Share

Tmall      37.38

360buy     17.23%

Suning     2.35%

Tencent    2.34%

Amazon    2.33%

Dangdang   1.51%

VANCL    1.49%

51buy      1.14%

Coo8       0.98%

Yihaodian   0.88%

Others      32.38%

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